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Rambo The Rebel - TrueTimber Viper Urban Camo

Rambo The Rebel - TrueTimber Viper Urban Camo
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If you’re in search for a mid-drive bike that produces pure silence yet mind blowing power then Rambo Rebel is the bike for you. Whether your hunting, bird watching, or trail riding in the field noise matters, and so does power. This bike gives you both!

The Rebel uses the Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor. It is Bafang’s quietest high torque motor made- significantly quieter than the Bafang Ultra Drive M600. This motor provides the rider with unparalleled throttle response as well. If you ride using throttle more than pedal assist, this motor is better suited for you. The BBSHD is a beast of motor that produces a massive 160NM of torque and 1500 Peak Wattage Output. Another great feature of the Rebel is the ability to adjust the motor according to any E-Bike Classification you prefer. You can easily comply with all 3 classifications of E-Bike laws.

To handle all this power Rambo’s industry leading strong frame, was custom designed to support the 48V LG 21ah long range battery, providing with up to 65 miles of range on a single charge (See range chart below for more information). This feature benefits every rider with the luxury of Extreme Long-Range performance. The Rebel allows the rider to use throttle power only for greater control and flexibility, power assist mode, or remove the throttle altogether if local laws require this. Not all E-Bike battery brands are created equal. So don’t take the chance of using an off-brand battery.

The Rebel features a sturdy high quality 6061 aluminum frame that can withstand the rigors of off-road riding. The frame is designed to be both lightweight and durable, making it easy to maneuver on rough terrain while providing plenty of stability and support. The industry leading 4.8 inch-wide tires provide maximum traction on loose dirt, sand, and snow. This makes the bike well-suited for extreme off-road adventure, as well as for commuting in areas with rough terrain or inclement weather.

The Rebel comes equipped with a high-end SHAM NX PG-1130 11-42 providing 11 speeds of mind blowing power with the strength to take a beating climbing the gnarly terrain! This gearing setup boasts an amazing 420% gear range. There is a large difference in climbing power using a 11-speed mid-drive powered bike vs using a 11-speed powered with a hub motor.

The Rebel is one of Rambo’s most popular bikes we sell and once you ride one you will see why! It’s offered in step-through frame design or full frame designs depending on rider preference and comes in a variety of colors to fit your mission. We welcome you to test ride one today and see why the Rambo Rebel has been the #1 selling mid-drive e-bike on the market year after year!